First Spouse Gold Coin Mintages

2011 Lucretia Garfield First Spouse Gold Coin

The First Spouse Gold Coin Program has seen mintage levels at both extremes of the spectrum. The first three issues of the series experienced intense demand resulting in quick sell outs at high mintage levels. Subsequent issues saw dwindling sales, resulting in the lowest gold coin mintages in decades.

The United States Mint has established maximum mintage levels for each release of the series prior to the start of sales. The level was set at 40,000 pieces for the first three years of the series, but lowered in subsequent years to align with sales trends. Initially, the U.S. Mint offered the coins for sale until the maximum authorized mintage was sold or for approximately one year. In later years of the series, delayed initial release dates made the schedule more erratic. At times, some issues remained available for sale for a period far in excess of one year.

During the course of the series, there have been a number of unexpected early sell outs, resulting from the U.S. Mint’s underestimation of quantities needed to fulfill demand for the entire sales cycle. These unexpected sell outs coupled with low mintage levels typically resulted in a boost in secondary market prices.

To date, the lowest final mintage for the series has occurred for the Uncirculated version of the 2011 Lucretia Garfield First Spouse Gold Coin with a final audited mintage of just 2,168 pieces. More recent issues have had lower last reported sales figures, although the final audited mintages are not yet confirmed.

The first table below presents final mintage figures provided by the United States Mint. The second table includes the last reported sales figures for issues where the Mint has not yet released the final mintages.

First Spouse Gold Coin Mintages

2007 Martha Washington17,66119,16736,828
2007 Abigail Adams17,14217,14934,291
2007 Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty19,82319,81539,638
2007 Dolley Madison12,34017,94330,283
2008 Elizabeth Monroe4,4627,80012,262
2008 Louisa Adams3,8856,58110,466
2008 Andrew Jackson’s Liberty4,6097,68412,293
2008 Martin Van Buren’s Liberty3,8266,80710,633
2009 Anna Harrison3,6456,2519,896
2009 Letitia Tyler3,2405,2968,536
2009 Julia Tyler3,1434,8447,987
2009 Sarah Polk3,4895,151 8,640
2009 Margaret Taylor3,6274,9368,563
2010 Abigail Fillmore3,4826,1309,612
2010 Jane Pierce3,3384,7758,113
2010 James Buchanan’s Liberty5,1627,11012,272
2010 Mary Todd Lincoln3,6956,86110,556
2011 Eliza Johnson2,9053,8876,792
2011 Julia Grant2,8923,9436,835
2011 Lucy Hayes2,1963,8686,064
2011 Lucretia Garfield2,1683,6535,821

First Spouse Gold Coin Mintages Continued

2012 Alice Paul2,7983,5056,303
2012 Frances Cleveland 1st2,4543,1585,612
2012 Caroline Harrison2,4363,0465,482
2012 Frances Cleveland 2nd2,4253,1045,529
2013 Ida McKinley2,0082,7244,732
2013 Edith Roosevelt2,0272,8404,867
2013 Helen Taft1,9932,5984,591
2013 Ellen Wilson1,9802,5114,491
2013 Edith Wilson1,9742,4644,438
2014 Florence Harding1,9442,3724,316
2014 Grace Coolidge1,9492,3154,264
2014 Lou Hoover1,9362,3924,328
2014 Eleanor Roosevelt1,8862,3774,236
2020 Barbara Bush1,9322,8964,828

Frequently Asked Questions

Which First Spouse Gold Coin has the lowest mintage?

The lowest-minted mint state First Spouse Gold Coin is the 2020-W Barbara Bush First Spouse Gold Coin, which has a mintage of 1,817. The lowest-minted Proof First Spouse Gold Coin is the 2014-W Proof Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin, which has a mintage of 250.

What is the mintage for First Spouse Gold Coins?

The total mintage for the First Spouse Gold Coin is 364,398. Mintages for each issue of the First Spouse Gold Coin can be found by consulting the data above.

How many First Spouse Gold Coins were struck?

The U.S. Mint struck a total of 364,398 First Spouse Gold Coins between 2007 and 2020.

Where were First Spouse Gold Coins produced?

The U.S. Mint struck First Spouse Gold Coins at the West Point Mint.

How many varieties of First Spouse Gold Coins were produced?

There are no recognized First Spouse Gold Coin varieties.